Harvey's Bio

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Harvey was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946.  He graduated from Haverford College in 1967 and went on to earn a Masters in physics from Stony Brook University.  Harvey then taught physics and astronomy for six years at Miami-Dade College.  He returned to Stony Brook where he earned a PhD in physics in 1983. 

Harvey’s professional career then took him to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge Massachusetts, the Medical Department at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and finally to the SLAC National Laboratory in Palo Alto where he worked for 14 years as a Senior Application Developer.

This means Harvey will bring to his work on the City Council a scientist's familiarity with analytic techniques and structured decision-making. This sort of discipline will be an important addition to the Council.

Harvey has been a resident of Half Moon Bay for the last 19 years.  After his retirement from SLAC, he decided to become involved in public affairs. He ran for City Council in 2012, and lost by only 150 votes to an entrenched incumbent.

A year later he won a seat on the board of the Coastside Fire Protection District (CFPD), in a recall election. He was then re-elected.

This makes Harvey the only present candidate for City Council who has had previous experience as an elected public official, and has given him an understanding of the special demands placed on public servants.

During Harvey's service, the CFPD has made great strides in designing and delivering first class emergency services to the entire Coastside and the City of Half Moon Bay.

The partial list on the right shows that Harvey volunteers with several community service groups on the Coastside, including tax preparation assistance for seniors and Village of the Coastside. 

Harvey is a long-time member of the Sierra Club, and has active interests in water and energy conservation initiatives. His Sierra Club experience has thoroughly familiarized him with the workings of the California Coastal Act and the Coastal Commission, and he often speaks out on matters related to planning, zoning, open space preservation, and the development of parks and trails.  

Harvey regularly attends City Council meetings and has often spoken from the floor, on such diverse topics as City contracting procedures, the use of bond measures to fund new projects, the maintenance of City infrastructure (like sidewalks), and ways the City could employ "green" building and maintenance techniques.

Harvey has also had a special concern for openness and transparency on the Council, and has often been involved in issues of involving apparent violations of law in government operations and the management of public property.

Harvey is married to Sally and has two children and three grandchildren.  Harvey’s rescue dog Eliza is well known along the Coastal Trail. 

Selected Memberships and Activities:

Director, Coastside Fire Protection District

Member, San Mateo County Special Districts Association

Member, Coastside Emergency Action Program

Board member, Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter

Peninsula Clean Energy Advisory Committee

Board Member, Coastside Democratic Club

Member, Village of the Coastside

AARP Senior Tax Aide Program

Harvey has been an elected member of the board of the Coastside Fire Protection District for the past three years.