Harvey Rarback for City Council

"Harvey will bring honesty, experience, and integrity to the job. We need people like him on the City Council." --Dr. Deborah Penrose, Councilmember

Harvey's 19 years as a resident of Half Moon Bay, his experience in public service, his professional background, and his familiarity with the workings of our city government well equip him to serve on the City Council.

A vote for Harvey is a vote to maintain our treasured way of life on the Coastside, to improve the function of government in Half Moon Bay, and to support responsible growth and spending.

Harvey's Candidate Statement does a good job of summarizing why he's running for a City Council seat. Here is what he has said.

"I'm running for City Council because we need experienced people of good will to come together to map out a flourishing and vibrant future for Half Moon Bay.

"The current process of updating our General Plan will determine whether the small town feeling that I have cherished during my 19 years on the Coastside will survive in the decades to come.

"If you elect me to the Council, I'll be there to listen to you. We need to engage more citizens in determining the direction our city should take.

"Councilmember Deborah Penrose says, 'Harvey will be an asset on the Council, and I'm eager to work with him.' Vice Mayor Debbie Ruddock says, 'I believe Harvey has a good overview of the city's situation He can help us steer a sound course toward the future.'

"My training as a scientist has taught me how to make decisions analytically, My volunteer work wth the Sierra Club has helped protect out fragile Coastside environment. And I'm an experienced public servant, having served on the Board of the Coastside Fire Protection District for the past three years."

Please feel free to call or email Harvey with your ideas on the important issues and priorities facing Half Moon Bay. With the upcoming shift in the membership of the Council, Harvey believes we will be seeing a new era of cooperation and progress for Half Moon Bay, and he wants to represent your views on how we should move forward.

Harvey and his dog Eliza enjoy walking the Coastal Trail in all sorts of weather. They particularly enjoy the coastal fog. Harvey has been a long-time advocate for our environment, which the Coastal Act protects for all of us.