Issue Overview

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There are a number of issues of concern to Harvey, which he has heard about from you, the people of Half Moon Bay, and which he has become familiar with during his 19 years on the Coastside.

Among these issues are protecting our unique Coastside feeling and environment, while making sure that our open spaces are preserved for future generations and our parks are extended to meet the needs of all our people.

Harvey has also heard from Half Moon Bay residents that they would like the City Council to put in place mechanisms to enforce stronger control over fiscal matters.

Included here would be effective controls over the costs of our ongoing projects, like the building of the new library. Another of Harvey's concerns is better management of the City's procurement effort--the conduct of the many bids and contracts which underlie most of our projects.

Harvey also wants to take a look at the very high percentage of the City's budget that is taken up with the cost of outside consultants--individuals who live off the Coastside, and do not have any "skin in the game" when it comes to issues like planning, or the design and operation of projects and and programs for Half Moon Bay.

Many residents tell Harvey their number one complain is traffic congestion in town , particularly along Highway 1 at communting hours and on weekends. Harvey is for doing what we can to relieve traffic pressure, but does not believe we should add lanes to our major artiries. "If you build them, they will quickly clog up," he says.

Harvey and his wife Sally (at center) rally with a group of supporters in Half Moon Bay. He has a lot of backers, from one end of town to the other, and spends a lot of time listening to his constituents.

If elected, Harvey proposes to organize regular "coffee klatch" meetings, where residents can come to discuss issues of concern to them and ask him about what he is doing to address their concerns.