Protecting Our Coastside

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One of the major reasons that Harvey is running for City Council is to see to it that our unique, small-town atmosphere and beloved Coastside environment remain vibrant and well-managed, to benefit not only current residents of Half Moon Bay, but generations to come.

Harvey understands the importance of the California Coastal Act in maintaining the delicate balance between conservation and development. He has seen several years' worth of large and small projects come before the Planning Commission and City Council, and has learned over time about the many factors that need to be balanced in ensuring the Coastside's continued viability.

Harvey understands the the importance of planning in Half Moon Bay. He understands the current process of revising our General Plan, something that takes place about once evey 20 years, and is now overdue.

He knows that for some time, large tracts of land in Half Moon Bay that have been designated as Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) have been left without specific land use plans. He is aware that development and approval of these plans will be a key responsibility of the incoming City Council and its Planning Commission members.

Harvey knows that development and conservation cannot be "all or nothing" concerns. The deeply-held beliefs of advocates on both sides of this debate have separated Half Moon Bay's population into two, often antagonistic, camps. Harvey would like to make progress in finding reasonable solutions for the problems that keep these camps separate, and bring them together to move our community forward.

Harvey also believes that planning our future is too important simply to be left to "outside consultants." We need well-trained community planners on our full-time City staff, not just outside consultants who come in from "over the Hill," and consequently have no "skin in the game" when it comes to designing and approving projects in Half Moon Bay.

Our ability to walk the bluffs and look out over the breaking waves is not a given. Harvey will use his understanding of the Coastal Act to protect and preserve our unique coastal resources.

Harvey shows how the underpinnings of the house in the background (along the Coastal Trail) have been undercut by coastal erosion.