Traffic and Congestion

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Harvey has watched the problems of traffic in the City get worse and worse over the years. He puts it as follows.

I very much share the concerns that we Half Moon Bay residents have about all the traffic and congestion we have to put up with. I have no easy answers, just a few suggestions that should make incremental improvements to this vexing problem.

We need to get as many cars off the road as we possibly can. This will not only reduce the frustration we all feel when stuck in traffic, but by reducing greenhouse gases and our reliance on fossil fuels, we will protect our environment. The following proposals would help.

  • To reduce weekday traffic, the Cabrillo Unified School District needs to reinstate school busing, which we had a decade ago. The existing token program that charges for individual trips is not going to make a big difference. To rely upon SAMtrans is also not a real solution. Anybody who has waited on Kelly Avenue or Main Street as car after car carrying a single student drops her or him off is well aware of the problem.

  • We need to synchronize the traffic signals on Highways 1 and 92, as well as Main Street. This is an obvious solution that has been delayed for too long.

  • During busy weekends, we need to have an enforcement presence at the worst intersections, like Highawys 1 and 92 and near the tourist attractions along Highway 92. We also need to add turning lanes along 92.

  • We need to encourage more pedestrian and bicycle traffic, especially between local neighborhoods and the Downtown corridor. A continuation of the Coastal Trail to the east side of Highway 1 needs to be added as soon as possible.

  • We need to explore a free shuttle from Downtown to the beaches and shopping areas, and have this run during the busiest times of the day.

I'm sure there are other creative ways to address the traffic and congestion problem, and I will advocate for a Citizen Task Force to help come up with some other ideas.

The intersection of Main Street and Highway 92 often becomes gridlocked on weekends, or during commute times. This can paralyze traffic throughout Half Moon Bay.

Long lines of frustrated drivers are getting to be a common part of daily life in our city. Harvey has some ideas to make things better.